Working together to protect the public

The most effective way to manage and supervise potentially dangerous offenders in the community is for the relevant agencies to work together. This partnership work is directed and governed by the national Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).

MAPPA was made statutory in 2003 and is administered locally, in every area throughout England and Wales. MAPPA operates according to national standards and guidance.

This website features information on the latest figures concerning the number of sex offenders and other potential dangerous offenders living in the area, and explains how the MAPPA are working to protect our communities. The most recent information reveals that more than 800 offenders were subject to the MAPPA at the end of March 2013.

“The protection of the public is our greatest priority”
Three agencies have a joint statutory duty to operate the MAPPA. They are the Police, Probation and Prison Services. These agencies are known collectively as ‘The Responsible Authority’.

Donna Monk, MAPPA Manager said: “Public Protection in Norfolk is a high priority to all the agencies involved in Norfolk MAPPA and despite budget constraints, Norfolk agencies continue to actively support the MAPPA agenda so as to protect our communities from offenders who have the potential to cause serious harm to others.

The nature of the offenders we work with means that no single agency can manage this risk alone; these cases are as complex as they are high risk. One of the greatest benefits from Norfolk MAPPA is the ethos of working together. This ensures that information is exchanged effectively and that agencies assist each other when executing risk management plans. This collaboration ensures that we achieve successful outcomes and we have safeguarded our local communities”.