“Tony” was referred to Norfolk MAPPA by a probation officer based in Kings Lynn approximately 6 months before he was due to be released from custody. Tony had received a 3 year custodial sentence for a serious violent assault on his partner. Since Tony was sentenced, the victim had moved to another area and the police had provided her with a panic alarm, had flagged the case as a priority and all agencies involved in the case liaised regularly with each other.

Upon release, Tony had licence conditions which meant that he had to live in Approved Premises and whilst there he was under a strict curfew and was expected to report to the Hostel every two hours.

Due to the effective and timely planning that was undertaken during the MAPPA meetings that were held, Tony was able to commence on an accredited offending behaviour programme designed for male domestic abuse perpetrators.  Tony was made aware that any failure to attend the programme or breach of his licence would result in an immediate recall to prison.

The victim from his offending reported to the Victim Liaison Officer that due to the safety measures the MAPPA process had put in place for her, she felt that she was able to continue with her life after he had been released.