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Norfolk Constabulary
Norfolk Constabulary delivers policing services for the county of Norfolk.  The department overseeing safeguarding arrangements and liaising with the MAPP board and associated processes is the Vulnerability and Partnership Command (V&P).  The Command is lead by Detective Superintendent Julie Wvendth and forms part of the overarching Vulnerability, Partnerships and Contact and Control Room Directorate.  The V&P Command leads for the Constabulary on issues affecting vulnerable people in Norfolk and is a critical agency partner in the MAPP process.

Officers and staff from this Command work with colleagues from other agencies in the Norfolk MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) where referrals for child and adult safeguarding, missing children, Child Sexual Exploitation, domestic abuse and Honour Based Abuse are managed. Further members of the command work within the Investigation Units, investigating offences relating to vulnerable adults and children who have been subjected to familial abuse or abuse by people in a position of trust. In addition, officer within the Public Protection Unit oversee the management of all Registered Sex Offenders and Potentially Dangerous People across the county.

For the (Norfolk Constabulary) Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) please follow the following link:


National Probation Service

 The National Probation Service is responsible for overseeing offenders released from prison on licence and those on community sentences made by the courts.

We aim to make Norfolk and Suffolk safer by protecting the public, reducing re-offending and preventing future victims. Our staff work in the courts, the community and in prisons to rehabilitate offenders and liaise with the victims of serious crime.

At any one time our staff are supervising more than 3,000 offenders on community sentences. We prepare more than 5,000 reports for the Magistrates and Crown courts every year, and supervise the completion of more than 300,000 hours of Community Payback hours in local neighbourhoods in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Victim Support
A national charity giving free and confidential help to victims of crime, witnesses, their family, friends and anyone else affected across England and Wales.

HM Prison
Norfolk has three Prison Service establishments; HMP/YOI Norwich, HMP Wayland and HMP Bure.  These establishments deal with a very wide range of offenders some of whom will be MAPPA cases for release within the local community.  It is extremely important that we are able to act as a liaison point for external agencies when these individuals are due to be released into the community and the MAPPA process enables this to be done most effectively.

Broadland District Council
In partnership with housing associations, the Council enables the supply of new affordable homes both for rent and low-cost ownership.

To tackle homelessness, advice and assistance is provided to help people to find suitable accommodation. Housing association homes for rent in Broadland are let to households listed on the Housing List.

St Martin’s Housing Trust
St Martins Housing Trust, a registered charity, strives to address the needs of homeless people in Norwich. We offer emergency, direct access accommodation, residential care, support and development to enable everyone to achieve their potential and gain a greater level of independence.

Stonham Homestay
Stonham’s continued success is in providing specialist services customised to local needs. With 550 services around the country, Stonham is England’s largest specialist provider of housing and support. We help over 20,000 people every year some of whom are the most socially excluded people in society.

Some clients live in Stonham services whilst others live in their own homes with our support. Our services are designed with local people in mind providing high standards of specialist support for specific client groups.

Norfolk Adult Social Services
Norfolk County Council is here to help adults in the region live full and independent lives.

Alongside our partners, we provide a range of services to help people access the help and care they need.

Norfolk Children’s Services
Children Services works with all children and young people aged 0 – 18.

In cases of children with disabilities we may work with them until they are 25 and with children in care, our responsibilities can continue until they are 24 years old.

The focus is on continuing to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and young people at an early intervention and prevention level.

Multi agency working remains a priority at all levels of intervention.

Norfolk Youth Offending Team
Norfolk Youth Offending Team (NYOT) is a multi-agency partnership team whose aim is to prevent children and young people from offending and to help them restore the damage caused to their victims. We aspire to make Norfolk an even safer place to live and help young people achieve their full potential in life.

We supervise and support young people aged 10 to 17 years who have committed offences and have received a Youth Caution, Youth Conditional Caution or an order from the Court.

We also offer prevention work with young people aged 8 to 16 years who have not yet offended, but who are at risk of offending or becoming involved in anti-social behaviour.

South Norfolk Council
The Housing & Advice Team will give advice and discuss various housing options. We aim to help everyone as much as we possibly can through an interview at our Long Stratton offices , by telephone (freephone 0808 168 222) or email

Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust
NSFT provides inpatient and community-based mental health services in both Norfolk and Suffolk. It is also commissioned in some of its localities to provide learning disability services, along with other specialist services including medium and low secure services and wellbeing. The Trust believes in recovery and wellbeing, and understands the importance of good physical health, maintain relationships and achieving a balance between treatments and continuing an active life.

Norwich City Council
Norwich City Council offers a variety of services and advice to landlords, private and social housing tenants and homeowners.

Norfolk Safeguarding Children Board
The Norfolk Safeguarding Children Board has a statutory duty, outlined in Working Together 2013, to:

  • co-ordinate how agencies work together to safeguard and
    promote the well-being of children, and
  • to ensure the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements.

The Board believes that safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility. It wants to make sure that all children and young people in Norfolk feel safe and cared for.

Working Together 2013 makes it clear that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility.  Safeguarding can be defined as a continuum with ‘promoting welfare’ at one end and protecting from harm’ at the other.  The Board is committed to ensuring that children and young people in Norfolk feel safe and cared for across the spectrum.

Job Centre Plus
Jobcentre Plus is part of the Department for Work and Pensions.  It’s key responsibilities are:
·  to help move people from benefits into sustainable work
·  help employers fill their vacancies
·  dealing with benefits for people who are unable to work because of a health condition or disability

Jobcentre Plus has a duty to co-operate in the arrangements of offenders who have been notified to them Plus by a Responsible Authority where they have one or more restrictions applied to their employment or training.

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