Every MAPPA Area in England and Wales, should employ two Lay Advisers. Typically, these are members of the local community who can act as informed observers and comment from a community perspective, about the operations of the MAPPA. They can provide a challenge to the professionals by acting as a “critical friend”.

Some of the duties of Lay Advisers include:

  • Assist in the monitoring and evaluation of the operation of MAPPA in their area;
  • Assist the Strategic Management Board (SMB) in ensuring that it has created effective links with other public protection organisations, for example the Local Criminal Justice Board and the Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards;
  • Assist in the review of the SMB business plans and broader community strategy;
  • Attend all of the sub-group meetings and the SMB, as well as at least one MAPP level 2 and 3 meeting per quarter, in order to quality assure the process.

In Norfolk we have two Lay Advisers who play an active role in the day to day operations of the MAPPA.

One of our Lay Advisers had this to say:

“Despite the ever present – and this year – even more pressing concerns about funding, I can report that it has been a year of positive progress and development for MAPPA in Norfolk.

We continue to develop and strengthen the reports presented to the SMB, but sadly continue to experience some difficulties regarding attendance at some meetings.

We are working collaboratively with our MAPPA colleagues in Suffolk to jointly develop Quality Assurance  standards and processes. This is an exciting opportunity to not only share good practice, but also offers an excellent opportunity to liaise with my fellow Lay Advisers from a neighbouring county.”