Sitting to one side of the MAPPA arrangements are people who, are not currently managed by probation (and therefore not subject to MAPPA) and have been identified as posing an ‘imminent risk of causing serious harm’.  An example may be a young person groomed to commit terrorist offences or someone suffering from mental health and dangerous to the public.

The individuals are managed in a similar manner to Level 3 MAPPA’s, with panel members being at Superintendent level, and equivalent grades from partners.  Therefore these are the most risky individuals, so please consider whether they hit the above criteria and require senior managers to problem solve it, or whether a professionals meeting would achieve the same result.

If you think that there is someone who should be adopted as a PDP, the team will offer advice, support and assistance to any officer dealing with an incident in relation to a MAPPA or PDP identified individual. 

PDP Referral Form

College of Policing Guidance on Potentially Dangerous Persons