Violent and Sex Offenders Register

ViSOR is a secure national database that has been developed to support MAPPA by assisting cooperative working between the three Agencies that make up the Responsible Authority.  It is used in the joint management of individuals posing a risk of serious harm.

The key features are:

– UK-wide coverage;

– Multi-agency collaboration and information sharing;

– Allows instant transfer of records UK-wide;

– Searchable across the UK;

– Designed to enhance protection of the public and reduce risk of serious harm; and

– Standardises management of public protection information.

ViSOR provides officers fulfilling public protection roles with a confidential
communication tool through which they are able to exchange information with others involved in multi-agency offender management.  In addition to being a valuable offender management, information management and intelligence system, ViSOR can benefit all crime investigation.