“Glenn” is a MAPPA Category 1 offender referred to and managed at MAPPA Level 2

Glenn’s conviction was for Sexual Activity with a Child (sexual intercourse with a 13 year old female), and he was released on licence in July 2013. His case was complicated as he had his own vulnerabilities; he had been diagnosed with a Learning Difficulty and with the cognitive abilities of a 14 year old. He presents with a number of Aspergers type symptoms in that he struggles with social interactions and will avoid eye contact or become stressed (and violent towards himself or property as a result).

This case was referred to MAPPA Level 2 owing to difficulties securing suitable release accommodation for Glenn, i.e. accommodation that offered sufficient support for Glenn’s vulnerabilities and was suitable given his High risk of serious harm to children assessment.

Glenn was discussed at three MAPPA Level 2 meetings -two prior to release and one following release, and these meetings facilitated the compiling and actioning of a plan to secure appropriate accommodation. Actions included disclosure of risk issues to housing providers, and support in assisting them in considering risk management and reassuring them as to how other involved agencies would be involved with this. As a result, whilst Glenn was released to an Approved Premises for a short period on release, a supported housing placement was secured and organised for less than two weeks following his release.

Further actions were the re-opening of the cases of children who were relatives of Glenn (assessed as being deemed to be at risk) by Children’s Services to ensure that they were appropriately safeguarded from Glenn. Subsequently Probation and Children’s Services conducted a joint visit to one of Glenn’s siblings to disclose risk issues and compile a written agreement essentially specifying that Glenn’s sister would not allow her daughter to have any unsupervised contact with Glenn.